Find the hidden trends in your customer complaints.

Complaints have critical insights about customer experience problems and regulatory risks, but they are often missed by traditional analytics tools and human reviewers. Vectari's Complaint Insights provides deep analysis based on regulatory, compliance and experience expertise.

Fast and scalable

Trends can be analyzed in near real-time to detect emerging risks quickly. Batch analysis of complaints allows large scale review of existing datasets.

Always learning

Vectari's AI-based models for detecting trends is constantly being updated with the latest indicators of experience, regulatory and compliance risks.

Actionable insights

Every trend detected is paired with actionable insights from a combination of sources. Deep dive into complaints with suggested remediation approaches.

Built Specifically For Financial Services

Our detection models are based on millions complaint records coupled with deep human insights from years of experience in the regulatory and compliance space.

When it comes to risk, one size never fits all

Intelligent detection algorithms have varying thresholds for signal detection based on the relative risk and severity of the trend. This approach means emerging, threatening trends - sometimes identified in fewer than a dozen complaints - rise to the surface.

Impact focused analysis

The Complaint Insights Dashboard takes a risk- and impact-focused approach to visualizing trends, allowing operations, risk and compliance teams to quickly react.

What and why, explained

Every detected trend is accompanied by an explanation: what triggered the detection of the trend and why our model looks for it.

Action Oriented

Our Complaint Insights include considerations and tips related to the trends. Software can't replace your compliance team, but it can give them another tool to react to risks. Trends can also be assigned to owners and have remediation status tracked over time.

What are the most common trends in complaint data?

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