Improve Spanish speaking customers' experience — and language preference compliance.

Selling to and servicing Spanish-speaking customers used to rely on costly, slow, and manual translation services. Vectari's Translation solution is specifically trained on financial services terminology, more cost-effective than human-only translation, and typically faster than manual translation services.

Compliance minded

As regulators increasingly expect financial institutions to honor consumers' language preferences, the volume of text to translate grows. Our solution has been designed to incorporate compliance expertise to ensure the clarity and accuracy that regulators expect and that best serves customers.

Enhanced intelligence

Artificial intelligence is powerful, but it still makes mistakes. We use a "human-in-the-loop" approach to review translations to reduce the risk of translation errors. That's why we call our approach enhanced intelligence.

Predictable pricing

A subscription-based pricing model makes expenses smoother and more predictable. Whether you're translating documentation for a new product, or keeping existing documentation up-to-date, you won't be surprised by translation expenses.

Built Specifically For Financial Services

Our translation models have been trained on English and Spanish text in the financial services domain from native speakers and designed for understanding by Spanish speakers in the US market.

Translation happens like magic

Translation is initiated automatically from web page changes or text provided through our translation tool. Optionally, the completed translation text can be automatically added to content management systems by API.

Vectari human-in-the-loop

Our translations are done through enhanced intelligence: the first pass is completed using our proprietary AI model with secondary review by a native speaker familiar with the financial services domain.

Written like your customers expect

Our translation model has been trained to write Spanish language text using terminology and a level of formality that will be familiar to Spanish speakers without sounding too stilted or overly casual. 

Tailored for you

Some companies have words or phrases requiring specific translation, such as trademarked product names. These translations are configurable so they override traditional translation consistently throughout all company content.

What are the latest industry trends in language translation?

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