Transforma: Customer-Centered, Regulator-Ready Spanish Transformation

Built Specifically For Financial Services

Vectari’s Transforma platform provides a set of practical, innovative Spanish Transformation tools that allow financial institutions to grow both reach and satisfaction among Spanish-speaking customers. Recent studies have found that, behind branch availability, the availability of Spanish-language services is the most important consideration that Latinos in general look at when choosing a bank. Given that the growth of the Latino financial services market is expected to grow by more than 50 percent in the next seven years – from $155 billion to $240 billion – there is no better time to invest in the resources that resonate most with the Latino community.  

Transforma has been designed and developed based on legal, risk, and compliance expertise derived from real-world regulatory and banking experience with Spanish financial services. This has allowed us to anticipate some of the most common gaps in current translation solutions, and develop products that deliver accurate, contextual, customer-friendly, and regulator-ready translations. Powered by an AI model that is continuously trained on thousands of expert-reviewed financial-services-specific translations, including those published by financial regulators themselves, Transforma is setting the industry standard for high-quality, high-impact Spanish transformation. 

Spanish Language Use Cases

Bespoke AI-powered translation

Artificial intelligence is powerful, but it still makes mistakes. We use a "human-in-the-loop" approach to review translations to reduce the risk of translation errors. That's why we call our approach enhanced intelligence.

  • Cost and turn-around time are a fraction of existing vendors’ standard, with higher accuracy and consistency
  • Option to include individual review of each translation by a bilingual compliance expert for accuracy and completeness
  • Trained on thousands of verified translations reviewed by compliance experts
  • Training sources include wide range of materials published by financial regulators
  • Can handle any content from IVR to thorny disclosures accurately and clearly
  • Able to apply the CFPB Spanish glossary, the Client’s own glossary, or other bespoke glossaries
  • AI-based model makes it easy to keep translations consistent and seamlessly updated across offerings
  • Transforma platform makes it easy to document, review, and report translation workflows

Analyze Spanish Language Complaints

While translating every single Spanish compliant into English may be a daunting proposition, FIs need to be able to identify problems that may be unique or more important to their Spanish-speaking customer base. Transforma allows FIs to review and analyze Spanish-language complaints to detect trends and derive actionable insights that can then guide additional resource investment.

Servicing Tools For Spanish Speaking Agents

At many FIs, Spanish-speaking customer service agents have to rely on English-language materials, instructions, and scripts to inform their interactions with their Spanish-speaking customers. That results in them having to translate – in real time – complex financial services concepts and terms on their own, leading to delay and higher risk for error. Transforma allows FIs to efficiently create, manage, and update Spanish customer service materials seamlessly.

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